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Size: 10.6 MB
Price: $ 69
Platforms: Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
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Reverse System crashes
Recover from bad installation
Reverse system errors
Rollback minutes, days
Rollback weeks....months
100% Clean Uninstaller
No data loss
Automatic Scheduler
Access Control
Schedule Snapshot
Schedule Rollback as you want
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"Every computer should come bundled with RollBack Pro 8 -- it's like feeding your hard drive an immortality pill. An upgrade to my firewall crashed my laptop so severely that nothing moved (no, not even a mouse). This great program had it fixed in 5 seconds plus a reboot ... brilliant.

The system was restored, so were all my files, and the program even lets me customize files from different snapshots. As for the Blue Screen of Death, I know now that RollBack is the best guarantee of an afterlife!"

Gary Jones
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Rollback RX



RollBack Rx™ is an powerful PC system and data restore utility that enables home users and IT departments to roll-back PC's to a desired point in time.

By using the RollBack Rx's System Restore feature, a computer system can be restored (rolled back) to a time before certain events occurred. For example, a PC may be restored to a time before a virus attack, specific software installation or easily back out of a botched upgrade...

RollBack Rx delivers a complete System Restore Solution that protects the entire contents of your PC. You can create your own restore points whenever you want to or schedule snapshots to be taken in regular intervals.

Top Three Reasons to shift to Rollback RX
No need for Operating System (Windows) Reinstallation....ever
Absolutely no Data Loss and no Software Installation
No need for any technical assistance - Just restart and every thing is back!
Protection against potent viruses, incomplete software installations, user errors and system glitches
If Windows is corrupted (BSOD) or if your system can not boot into Windows - RollBack Rx can still restore your entire system! Since RollBack Rx installs below Windows, it can be accessed prior to Windows boot-up by pressing the “HOME” key. Once you enter into the RollBack Rx sub-console you can roll-back to any snapshot. - Furthermore, you can recover any and all data up-to-the second of the System Crash!
RollBack Rx significantly reduces PC trouble shooting, repairing and restoring time to seconds! Empowering both home users and enterprise IT support personnel to achieve tremendous savings of time and money on maintaining their computers.
Absolutely NO IMPACT on system performance
Rollback RX takes just 0.07% of disk space
Capability to take and record upto 60,000 SNAPSHOTS
Save time for back up - Rollback RX takes just 3 seconds to create a new snapshot....Believe it!
Save more time - No need to restart system to take a new snapshot...Just keep working, it works in background
Schedule according to your needs - create snapshot manually or automatically at pre-define time / event
Recover your files from any of the 60,000 snapshots in a jiffy (even if the snapshot is corrupt)
Manage file histories, you can select the same file from different snapshots
Restore a COMPLETELY CRASHED SYSTEM within seconds
Restores system from any of the snapshots WITH USER DATA and USER SOFTWARE
Restores system to any of the snapshot automatically on restart - ideal for schools, client machines
Restores system to any of the selected snapshot from 60,000 snapshots - keeping the current data and only reverting system settings
Automatically restore to any snapshot, using custom options
Extremely helpful stealth settings - end user cannot change anything without admin's help.
Comes with its own disk management system - restores free space as and when snapshots are deleted.
Disk Management Alerts - provides timely alerts if the disk space runs low.
Absolutely NO DATA LOSS due to software or Operating System failure
No change in any user settings, brings back the system in seconds - without the need of technician
Supports multple partitions of your primary Hard Disk
Wide coverage includes all computer home users, office and large network users

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